About Soch

SOCH-service oriented creative heads

How about picking up a simple idea from our surroundings, and transform into an effective branded communication? Thus creating a relationship of mind and body, which triggers consumer’s reaction towards a particular product or service. A simple, clutter breaking concept, that brands like and consumers love, in short an idea that works.

Believing in this philosophy, SOCH, as the name suggests excels in developing creative and innovative advertising campaigns, with a step forward to execute and produce high quality and cost effective TV commercials.

SOCH is known for its fast paced, cost effective solutions that provide investor’s VFM to the maximum. The team at SOCH is dedicated to add value to any project that they take up as a challenge.

Within its diversified portfolio SOCH has a solid clientele based on brands like VITAL Group, (Vital Tea, Vital Soap), Skin Care Pakistan, SIUT, Naurus, Abbot Pakistan, Pizza Hut, National Bank etc.

Worth mentioning The Director at SOCH– Inam Ur Rahim is an accomplished creative director turned Ad film maker with natural flare for strategic creative writing and fine directorial skills.

An entrepreneur, with over 15 years of experience, earned critics’ acclaim as an impulsive campaign driver with speciality in out-of-the-box ideas. Inam worked as Creative Director/Concept Writer for top Ad agencies of South-Asian region, with global and local brands, such as Unilever, Fedex reckitt benckiser, Pizza hut, GroupM and KFC.